Subspace Calcium

Author Kristina Kurapkaityte, a student of B.A. Creative Industries Management at the School of Popular Arts presents her story Subspace Calcium.

Dear Prof. Dr. Rodriguez Maltaro,

Thank you for your patience. I have been observing the world for a few years and I believe my findings may interest you even more now. Also, I should let you know that I am coming with a special offer.

The tooth you have found in that last cave belongs to a friend of mine. Even though at first, he said that he does not need that tooth, it was just out of disappointment. He has found his spine, but his arms and legs are still missing, therefore he thought one little tooth is not a priority for him. He generously offered that you should exhibit your finding until his other parts are also found.

He is called Callupa Minota. You may have heard that his kind became extinct 60.000 years ago and you may have also heard that it is the 60.001 anniversary soon. What you probably have not heard is that he is actually still alive! Not many people know this, but we are close friends, and I would like to gift him his tooth back as a surprise birthday present. If you are willing to trade the tooth for more information about Callupa Minota, I could even offer to take you to the birthday party as my guest. Of course, arms and legs would be a better gift, but I guess that will be the next generation’s expedition. 

Yours Sincerely,

Fossil XoXo


Dear Fossil XoXo,

I am Nomi Geinar, a new generation archeologist. 
Prof. Dr. Rodriguez Maltaro recommended you as the most intelligent fossil of the world. He also mentioned that you are the main source of information about Callupa Minota. 

I am writng my PHD thesis about “Artificial Intelligence Ability to Generate Subscpace Calcium from Callupa Minota’s Skeletons”. I would like to give back the tooth, that belongs to your friend Callupa Minota and interview him to gather the qualitative data around my topic.

Would it be possible to arrange a meeting with you and your friend Callupa Minota?

Is Callupa Minota still looking for his missing legs and arms? Recently our crew found some body parts and I think those arms and legs may belong to him. Unfortunately, after being taken out of the cave, they changed their colour to pink because my colleague Albert Pelou made an unforgivable mistake. In order to protect the legs and arms from the sunlight, Albert scanned them with the App called “PLANTZ” instead of the “BONEZ” App. As a result, the arms and legs turned pink and now have leaves growing out of them. It looks very neo sci-modern.

I felt you observing the world and I hope that your last transcendental trip was amazing! I am curious to feel more about it once we meet.

Looking forward for your reply!

Yours Sincerely,

Nomi Geinar

Titelbild from @marcuslange by pexels

Author: Kristina Kurapkaityte a student of B.A. Creative Industries Management at the School of Popular Arts

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