Summer Grass

Author Magnus J. Gastrell, a student of B.A. „Kreatives Schreiben und Texten“ at the School of Popular Arts presents his poem Summer Grass

Between battles they yearn for peace,
might lie in the grass just feeling a breeze.
A warrior’s dream manifests in a cloud,
gone in a moment never voiced out loud.

The warm summer makes dreaming naive,
even themselves they deceive.
No death, no cold, no troubled mind,
some warrior’s dream filled with a world more kind.

When they perish with time in the war,
summer grass is what’s left, nothing more.
Grows on fields and grows on ruins,
swallows their bodies, swallows their doings.

With time gone by, no one will know,
what they dreamt, what they wanted or where they did go.
Just walls of old buildings, covered in grass,
paying tribute to this time until as well, they will pass.

Author: Magnus J. Gastrell is a student at SOPA (SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts), studying „Kreatives Schreiben und Texten“.

Foto: Autor joerghummel, pixabay

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