Dark and Golden

Die Autorin Franziska Löffler, Studentin des Studiengangs Kreatives Schreiben an der SOPA (Berlin School of Popular Arts), stellt ihr Gedicht Dark and Golden vor.

You’re golden at heart, 
but there’s a dark in your soul.
Your head is heavy,
thoughts never on hold.

Weakness shows in emotions,
but strength does more so,
so who am I,
to differ between those two.

Morph them into one, 
and you know who you are,
and who you’ve been,
but never 
who you will become.

Will I ever know?
I’m too afraid of mistakes,
and too afraid to let go.

It’s how I feel golden at heart,
and still dark in my soul,
it’s what I combine,
and enjoy doing so. 

Autorin: Franziska Löffler studiert Kreatives Schreiben und Texten in Berlin an der SOPA (Berlin School of Popular Arts).

Titelbild von Franziska Löffler

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