Winter at the Shore I & II

Von Luise Rehme


And I can still feel the waves
At my feet
Despite the heavy boots
It’s like stepping on the moon
If I knew
How that feels   

I wonder
If the fish are frozen
Just below the tide
Rolling into me
Like a gentle touch

One hundred tiny bites           
White cotton sharks
Maybe counting snow
Is easier
While standing on sand


There’s no such thing as walking blind
Along a winter’s shore
With every step
And every breath
The winds tear through your mind 

They carry with them sounds of far                  
And into your own home
They blow the sand
And scratch your hand
Until they leave a scar

You tuck your feet into the waves
The mud around your toes
You leave a print
Follow a hint
Like script on seaweed graves

A thought of salt upon the air
Like snowflakes on the beach
The cresting foam
A silent groan
Swipes gently through your hair

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